Subject: Re: Package Paths Proposal v2
To: NetBSD Packages Technical Discussion List <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/17/1998 20:03:13
[ On Thu, December 17, 1998 at 17:26:58 (-0500), Todd Vierling wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: Package Paths Proposal v2
>   [changing all pkgs to uses non-absolute paths]

That's *NOT* what this is all about -- that's only an ultimate long-term
goal, and one that I'm fairly sure at least 50%, if not more, of package
*authors* will also support.

If you'd been paying attention to the real content of this thread you'd
have noticed that it's about something more general and immediate.

You're the one getting side tracked -- I'm must happy to fork and follow
as the discussion continues to be "interesting".

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