To: None <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/03/1998 12:29:38
Today I added changes to the Apache, Apache-SSL, and SSLeay pkgs that update
and revise a significant amount of the build structure of these pkgs.  The
updates should be visible after the next supscan.

The important things that any person wanting to update should note:

  If 1.3.2 works Fine for you, you do not need to upgrade at this time
  unless you wish to try out the new build structure.

- The NEXT release of Apache (probably 1.3.4) will significantly merge the
  httpd.conf, access.conf, and srm.conf files - access.conf and srm.conf
  will be empty, and httpd.conf will hold all directives.  Be prepared for
  this change when the pkg is updated to the next Apache version.

- If you find bugs in the build system, please report them to the mailing list.  I will see them, but in case I am not
  able to fix them in a timely manner, others there may be able to help.

- mod_perl and mod_frontpage are being worked on.  `Watch this space.'
  I actually have mod_perl compiling, linking, and running, but it plays
  with the Perl XS infrastructure, and shouldn't.

SSL notes:

- Engelschall's mod_ssl module has been integrated into the pkg system in a
  very special way, and is now located in www/ap-ssl (apache-modssl is

  When you build Apache alone, it is built with "hooks" (known as the
  mod_ssl EAPI) that allow mod_ssl to link itself into Apache later as a
  dynamic shared object.  You may then compile SSLeay and mod_ssl even after
  Apache is installed.

  The new mod_ssl setup HAS NOT BEEN TESTED EXTENSIVELY.  It runs for me on
  simple requests, but needs a blast test.

- To complement the previous point, SSLeay has been modified to generate
  shared libraries with the now familiar and hated `pkglibtool' script.  It
  does not generate a `libRSAglue.a' any more; those routines are linked
  into libcrypto only as necessary.

  The new SSLeay pkg is called "ssleay" (lower case) and deliberately
  conflicts with SSLeay-0.9.0b to force an upgrade of the SSLeay pkg if
  building the new mod_ssl.

- httpd.conf.default now includes special sections of interest to SSL server
  administrators, the most important of which is a block of directives near
  the top that load and setup mod_ssl.  Please check the new
  httpd.conf.default and merge changes into your own httpd.conf.