Subject: New Linux package
To: None <>
From: Matthias Scheler <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/31/1998 00:51:14

a few minutes ago I imported a new Linux package based on the SuSE 5.3
distribution. It has much newer libraries than the "linux_lib-2.4"
package including support for "glibc" programs.

Another new feature is that you can install, query and deinstall Linux
RPM files with the included "linux-rpm" script. At the moment these custom
packages are not removed automatically if the NetBSD package is installed.
So you better use "linux-rpm -e ..." first or "pkg_delete" will complain.
I'll look into that later.

For the future I would like to create additional Linux package e.g. a
"linux_devel" package for people who want to cross compile Linux binaries.
These packages should of course be based on RPM files, too. But I have
no idea how to combine this with our package system. I could create a
package list which looks like this:

@exec linux-rpm -i foobar.rpm
@unexec linux-rpm -i foobar.rpm

But I would have to *install* the RPM file in "/usr/pkg" to make creation
of a binary package possible.

If I list all the include files seperately installing a package will
make the RPM database incosistent.

Any good ideas?

Matthias Scheler