Subject: Up-to-date pkg_install tools
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/15/1998 07:10:18
In case you didn't see it from the commit messges, I've committed some
mods to pkgsrc/mk/ which should make using packages much
easier in the future.

These mods find out the version of the pkg_add, pkg_create, pkg_delete
and pkg_info tools that are being used to manipulate the packages on
your system (usually they reside in /usr/sbin, but you may customise
this by using PKG_ADD, PKG_CREATE, PKG_DELETE and PKG_INFO definitions
in your /etc/mk.conf or environment), and check that these tools offer
the functionality required by pkgsrc/mk/ (a recent example
is the pkg_info -e command echoing the names of the packages it finds
installed).  If the tools are not up-to-date, a warning message will
be printed, and you'll be invited to update the tools from

Unfortunately, the versions in today's supscan will not work properly,
since the PKGTOOLS_REQD definition is 19980911, the latest pkg_install
package version is 19980911, but the latest RCS Id in the pkgtools is
actually 19980908.  I have fixed it in the CVS repository, but the
sup files do not yet have the fixed version in it - please bear
with us until the next supscan fixes it.

The workaround is to modify the PKGTOOLS_REQD definition, on line 526
of pkgsrc/mk/ to be

PKGTOOLS_REQD=          19980908

Sorry for the confusion,