Subject: mozilla package??
To: None <>
From: Shigeki Uno <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/13/1998 03:33:44
Hello. I joined this ML a week ago and am a user of 
NetBSD/mac68k 1.3.2.
As mozilla source code was released, users of macbsd came to be able to
install and use mozilla pkg. So I typed "pkg_add -v mozilla-19980728.tgz",
and reboot. After I typed "moz-export &", following errors appeared...

: {6} Warning:
      Name: bookmarkList
           Class: XmLGrid
           Attempt to destroy dropSite info for widget that
           hasn't been added as a dropSite.


Though I waited 5 or 6 minutes, nothing appeared.
In fact, I tried another mozilla pkg (=old mozilla pkg) but result is 
the same. 

Does someone experienced the above? And how did you fixed it?
I asked them on another ML but I couldn't get any good answers.
Some are able to use mozilla pkg though...

Any helps, please.

Shigeki Uno