Subject: Re: Fix: DEPENDS-wildcards in pkg_*
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/21/1998 02:28:04
[Apologies about the lack of decent In-reply-to header, it's a long story.]

Hi Hubert,

> What this does is make pkg_* aware for pkg-patterns which were possible in
> pkg Makefiles' DEPENDS for quite some time now, and which pkg_info also
> understood.


> The internal structure of pkg_info and some other code was ripped apart
> and reassembled to get some useful functions, which will also aid in the
> upcoming pkg-upgrading process (which shouldn't be too hard with this
> committed - gimme one more free weekend, and we're there!) was
> beaten to write pkg-patterns into the +CONTENTS file, not do any
> highly-bogus stunts like grabbing the pkg-number from the one that happens
> to be in pkgsrc right now, regardless of what the user has installed.
> (This is for DEPENDS only - see my other mail about USE_MOTIF!)

I see that you punted on the "how to do a pkg_add <binary-pkg> where
<binary-pkg> has a pre-requisite pkg not on the localhost" question :-)

i.e.  I'm trying to do a pkg_add,

and pkg_add needs to download lesstif>=0.85.3 from 
Perhaps we can store the version number from the pkgsrc pre-req in
+CONTENTS (i.e.  braindead current behaviour) as a backup here.  This
would be used as the binary pkg version to download, rather than just
putting the onus on the user here.
The upgrade function is great news, too.

I think Todd addressed the USE_MOTIF issues, which mainly boil down to
the fact that RUN_DEPENDS must die.  (See previous conversations about

> This code was tested with some common cases, if someone wants to look
> through it, I'll be glad for (constructive :) feedback. I will commit this
> as soon as our freeze is over (or sooner, if Al thinks a branch makes
> sense - Al?).

I'd really like to wrap up the mini-freeze ASAP, and, when we've done
the tagging, which took about 30 minutes the last time, we should be
able to commit things again.  Really I'd like to do this today (Monday
21st).  So I don't think a branch is warranted - just use the trunk.

I'll let you commit your pkg_* mods first - I have some cosmetic ones
which I want to commit, too - but they are far reaching, despite being
just cosmetic.

Thanks for doing this, Hubert - this is really neat.