Subject: (fwd) ANNOUNCE: Tcl 8.0.3 and Tk 8.0.3 released
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From: Hubert Feyrer <>
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Date: 09/04/1998 13:32:57
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Subject: ANNOUNCE: Tcl 8.0.3 and Tk 8.0.3 released
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Date: 3 Sep 1998 13:01:04 -0700
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This message is to announce the 8.0.3 releases of the Tcl scripting
language and the Tk toolkit.  Although these are patch releases, they
contain quite a few changes, including some slight feature changes
as well as bug fixes.

Where to get the new releases:

Tcl 8.0.3 and Tk 8.0.3 are available by public FTP from
in the directories /pub/tcl/tcl8_0 and /pub/tcl/mac.  Within a few days
they will also appear at numerous mirror sites around the Internet.  The
easiest way to retrieve these releases is via the Scriptics Web page for
the 8.0 releases:

For additional information:

For complete information about all the Tcl/Tk resources available on the
Internet, visit the Tcl Resource Center at Scriptics:

Summary of changes:

Below is a summary of the most important changes in the 8.0.3 releases.
For a complete list of all changes, see the "changes" files in the Tcl
and Tk source distributions.

1. Many bug fixes, including:
    - Many improvements to Windows socket code
    - Occasional loss of file events due to buffering confusion
    - Improper compilation of some loop expressions and non-local variables
      in the "foreach" command
    - lsort -dictionary did some comparisons improperly
    - Crash in Windows registry code
    - "info" command didn't properly handle imported procedures and
      incorrectly reported compiler temporary variables
    - several bug fixes in tk_getOpenFile under Unix
    - bug with "focus -force" under Windows (didn't set the foreground window)
    - font measurement under Windows didn't include kerning properly
    - improper bbox calculation in canvas widget
    - bgerror callbacks weren't always being generated correctly in
      Windows menus
    - Alt key bindings weren't always triggering correctly under Windows

2. Starting with this release, we no longer officially support Windows 3.1.
If you need to run on Windows 3.1, you'll have to use Tcl/Tk 8.0p2 or 7.6p2.

3. Added name resolution hooks so that [incr Tcl] 3.0 can be loaded as an
ordinary extension without requiring any changes to the Tcl core.  This
improvement and the one below were generously provided by Michael McLennan.

4. Reworked auto_mkindex to support [incr Tcl] class structures.  This
version will index all procedures in a source file, not just those where
"proc" starts at the beginning of the line.  If you want the old behavior,
use the auto_mkindex_old procedure.

5. Changed the Windows registry key to be
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Scriptics\Tcl\8.0, and to store the path
in the default value instead of "Root".  Added a second Windows registry
key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Scriptics\Tcl\8.0, named "pkgPath".
This is a multi-string value used to initialize the tcl_pkgPath variable.
This is required if extension DLLs are in architecture specific

6. Initialization for both Tcl and Tk was overhauled.  The mechanism for
finding the Tcl and Tk library directories has been improved in several
ways, and there is a new procedure tcl_findLibrary to init.tcl for use by
extensions, including Tk.  This searches in a canonical way for an
extension's library directory and initialization file.

7. Imported commands used to get lost if the target of the import was
redefined.  Tcl_CreateCommand and Tcl_CreateObjCommand now preserve
import links if a command is redefined.

8. Made embedding work well enough on the Macintosh to get the Tcl browser
plugin working.

9. Added dummy fields to several Tk structures in order to allow extensions
to work across several versions of Tk without recompilation.

10. Added new keysyms to Tk for new keys on the Microsoft keyboard.

11. Added support for Macintosh Appearance Manager.

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