Subject: RE: a couple of package related issues
To: None <>
From: Kevin P. Neal <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/30/1998 13:22:21
At 05:02 AM 8/30/98 -0700, Tim Rightnour wrote:
>On 30-Aug-98 Luke Mewburn spoke unto us all:
>#  * do we have a way to execute post-pkg installation commands, or
>#    to setup files in /etc iff necessary?
>No..  I think this would be a good thing.. such as pkg_setup apache would go
>and stuff it in /etc/rc.local.. but someone needs to do framework for that..
>It could be very simple..  such as a directory called setup, with files that
>get stuffed in /etc, and a SETUP file with mods to various config files:
>@append rc.local /usr/pkg/bin/apache
>would add a checkyesno string to /etc/rc.conf, and appropriate magic to
>/etc/rc.local, and turn it on.  Like I said though..  someone needs to do
>the actual code.. and thats probably out of my leauge for now..

You would also have to handle dependencies. Perhaps you want a database
started before your web server starts, for example. Plus, you don't want the
checkyesno added to rc.local twice if make install is run twice. 

Handling this puts you that much closer to a SYSV-style init.d directory. 

A compromise might be to have rc or rc.local (or whatever) be flat scripts
that get built by a system that understand dependencies. Perhaps something
could be put together with makefiles echo'ing out rc.local? 
Kevin P. Neal                

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