Subject: Re: a couple of package related issues
To: None <>
From: Kimmo Suominen <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/30/1998 18:05:30
Maybe I've missed the outcome on the shutdown.d and startup.d (or some
such names) directories (having been out sick for a week).  Did we decide
against them?  I thought a bunch of people were approving of the general
idea, while there was debate on specifics.

I'd just really hate the idea of packages modifying my /etc/rc.local at
any point.  I keep it in RCS, which they cannot know, and I don't think
you can always just simply append to it (dependencies won't be right).

Actually, I don't like the automatic modification of /etc/shells, either.
But that's probably just me...  :-)

+ Kim (Tim Rightnour) writes:

| @append rc.local /usr/pkg/bin/apache
| would add a checkyesno string to /etc/rc.conf, and appropriate magic to
| /etc/rc.local, and turn it on.  Like I said though..  someone needs to do
| the actual code.. and thats probably out of my leauge for now..
Kimmo Suominen