Subject: Re: pkgtools diffs
To: None <>
From: Thorsten Frueauf <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/26/1998 13:57:04

First sorry for my bogus reply before, I really don't know how this
happend or what magic keys I hit in elm to make it happen. What I
really wanted to mail is this:

> etc.  I'm also a bit concerned about having two pkg_delete (for
> example) binaries on one system, and the choice of which one is used
> depending on order of directories in your path.

Thats exactly my fear too. I don't really like the idea to have two
versions of the same binary in different paths and to depend on what
the users happens to have first in his PATH. That concern is mainly
with ppl just using binary packages who not install from pkgsrc by
compiling themselves.

Apart from that I prefer that over having src/usr.sbin/pkg_utilities
just in the pkgsrc tarball, although I am not sure if the ftpd on supports creating tarfiles on the fly.

Also this demands very high discipline to developrs to always keep
source changes in src/usr.sbin/pkg_utilities/* in sysnc with the
pkgutils package, this may be something to be forgotten
(e.g. change and bump version in src/usr.sbin/pkg_utilities but
leave the package out of sync).