Subject: Re: Packages built from in-tree components
To: Perry E. Metzger <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/18/1998 13:50:52
On 18-Aug-98 Perry E. Metzger spoke unto us all:
#  would it not be better to specify the X source directory on the NetBSD FTP
#  server as the master source so that things will keep in sync?

Sure.. but thats a moving target..  If we upgrade to say X 3.3.3, and they
modify xdm, the patches might suddenly go kaboom, and need to be totally
regenerated, while in the meantime.. the package is hideously broken..

Right now the pkg will allways work.. and keeping it up to date is left on the
shoulders of the maintainer (myself).  I'd personally rather keep things clean
for the user.. It's not fair if today it works, tomorrow it doesn't.. so
installations are time/luck depenedent, nor would I expect someone who is
fiddling in xsrc to fix my patches while they are in there.. ;)

Tim Rightnour    -