Subject: Packages built from in-tree components
To: None <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/18/1998 13:32:43
I recently sent in a PR for a pkg.. xdm3d.  

The pkg is basically a group of patches against the source for xdm to make it
3d.  The author distributes the patches, a patched linux binary, and the source
he built the linux binary from.

The source he built the linux binary from is in pretty bad shape.. it core
dumps, and I have no idea what else is in there..  So I downloaded our src for
xdm, and patched that..  built a tarball, and pointed my pkg at it on my web

The question here is.. is this the right thing to do for pkgs that are basicly
modifications of in-tree code.  I didn't want to make it patch the code on the
fly, because -current is a moving target, and the patches needed a bit of
hand-holding to get applied.  Pointing it at my own web space, while being a
good solution for now..  May raise problems in the future if this particular
ISP account goes poof..

Do we have some sort of policy for people who are writing code specificly for
netbsd, and want to package it, to place the distfiles in a location like  I have another pkg similar to this (patches against our
in-tree make for glunix paralellism) and I'm sure others will arise eventually.
For stuff that gets distributed as a patch.. it is *much* easier to patch a
fixed version, than to re-fix a linux version, and back out all the

(another one that comes to mind are those patches for ANSI color in xterm)

Tim Rightnour    -