Subject: RE: Another revision to xpkgwedge
To: Tim Rightnour <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/17/1998 09:47:57
On Mon, 17 Aug 1998, Tim Rightnour wrote:

: Thats nice..  IMHO though we should fix 1.4 to have that env var set to
: LOCALBASE/lib/X11/app-defaults:X11BASE/blah (or vice versa) and avoid this
: problem completely on 1.4

I intend to do so.

: Ahh.. fonts are gonna be a problem no matter what..  I have an idea about
: that..  I think that the fonts should be a pkg.

X11 might be nice to have as a pkg, but that's unfortunately not the current
setup of things.

: Ick..  this doesn't solve my original concern of being able to mount /usr/X11R6
: -ro and being able to upgrade with rm -rf /usr/X11R6

There's _no_ way to fix this for fonts beyond hacking xsrc a bit more than
to add a path, and that does not work for 1.3.x xsrc sets.

: #  - X pkgs will be told to depend directly on xpkgwedge:  xpkgwedge will
: #    be required in order to install binary X pkgs.
: What if you don't use xpkgwedge?

You don't install a $LOCALBASE-based pkg; the install will barf about a
needed dependency.  You install an $X11BASE based pkg.

(Remember that xpkgwedge is optional when building stuff:  even if xpkgwedge
is installed, you have to set USE_LOCALBASE_FOR_X11 to get it to do
something in pkgsrc.)

-- Todd Vierling (Personal; Bus.