Subject: RE: Another revision to xpkgwedge
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/17/1998 06:42:01
On 16-Aug-98 Todd Vierling spoke unto us all:
#  Advantages:
#  - No need to set XAPPLRESDIR to catch app-defaults.
Thats nice..  IMHO though we should fix 1.4 to have that env var set to
LOCALBASE/lib/X11/app-defaults:X11BASE/blah (or vice versa) and avoid this
problem completely on 1.4

#  - No need to hack up the X servers to find the fonts.  (BIG plus.)

Ahh.. fonts are gonna be a problem no matter what..  I have an idea about
that..  I think that the fonts should be a pkg.

Hell.. I think all of X11 should be a pkg..  We could even be slick and
download the right server and bins dependent upon what machine you are sitting
on in the makefile.. (the makefile wouldn't actually build, just grab the .tgz

#  Disadvantages:
#  - The packages won't install entirely into ${LOCALBASE} - app-defaults and
#    fonts will go into ${X11BASE}, but pkg_* and PLISTs won't know that.

Ick..  this doesn't solve my original concern of being able to mount /usr/X11R6
-ro and being able to upgrade with rm -rf /usr/X11R6

#  - X pkgs will be told to depend directly on xpkgwedge:  xpkgwedge will
#    be required in order to install binary X pkgs.

What if you don't use xpkgwedge?

Tim Rightnour    -