Subject: RE: Package Variants
To: Curt Sampson <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/10/1998 16:53:49
On 10-Aug-98 Curt Sampson spoke unto us all:
# > WRKSRC=         ../xview-config/work/xview-3.2p1.4
# > ALL_TARGET=     clean all
#  Oh no! So if I go to the top of a tree, do a `make,' it's going to
#  make the first one, make the second one over top of the first, and
#  leave me with a full rebuild *again* when I go to do the `make
#  install' for the first. I'd rather spend the disk space.

Well.. thats not allways true.. In the case of my xview pkg.. it does the exact
opposite..   The three targets build independently of one another, and dont
need the clean target.  It also allows you to conserve patch directories across
the builds...

The fact that it cleans and keeps going isnt that bad though.. if you think
about it.. on a full build you end up extracting twice, building twice, twice
the space.  ALL_TARGET= all means that you extract once, build, clean (not
top-level clean, just a tree .o clean) build again.  Only 1 extract, 2 builds,
1 tree of space.  It also means patches applied to the dependency carry through
to the a-php module.  If you contruct the makefile well enough.. you can get
away without cleaning sometimes, maybe by just patching a .h and relying on the
dependency targets..  I assumed the clean target not knowing the details of
your implementation.

Tim Rightnour    -