Subject: Re: Trying to build Mozilla package
To: Markus Baeurle <>
From: Dave Millen <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/10/1998 14:23:26
Markus Baeurle wrote:

> It gets quite far, but in mozilla/xpcom/tests/dynamic, two symbols cannot be
> found from RegFactory.o. They are _hex__FR3ios and _dec__FR3ios.
> The strange thing is, they are not variables or functions in RegFactory.cpp
> so I'm wondering how they get into the object file.
> And, even stranger, I cannot find the string FR3ios in the whole Mozilla
> tree! I used "find . -exec grep -l FR3ios {} \;" to search for it.
> So:
> Does anybody have an idea what the problem is?
> Did anybody succeed in building the Mozilla package?

I have built Mozilla on RiscPC from the 19980728 distfile, but it doesn't run
correctly. I didn't get the errors that you got - the advice following a pr was
to make sure that the only patch in pkgsrc/www/mozilla/patches is the latest
'patch-aa' all others to be deleted (I had TWO old patch files).

The version I have built works only if started by 'mozilla-export' rather than
'mozilla' but has problems (when started in this way) with certain background
images, frames and scrolling. Almost certainly because initialisation routines
in 'mozilla' have not been carried out. I will be looking into it further this


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