Subject: Re: MySQL Running as Ingres
To: None <>
From: Kimmo Suominen <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/09/1998 17:44:29 (Tim Rightnour) writes:

| On 07-Aug-98 Curt Sampson spoke unto us all:
| #  Yes. Also, I'm not sure that the databases themselves should go in
| #  /var; it's the sort of thing that can get quite large (which on
| #  many systems /var isn't sized to handle), and they certainly don't
| #  fall into the category of `log, temporary, transient and spool
| #  files.' What about under /usr/pkg/mysql?
| How about /usr/pkg/share?  

I would rather like to keep /usr/pkg shareable(*) by all machines.
A database to me would be a per machine file.  Especially with large
databases it would be a waste of space to duplicate them.

+ Kim

[(*) I rdist /usr/pkg around, i.e. multiple copies.  It is also a saver
when your old config file gets overwritten when upgrading a package.]
Kimmo Suominen