Subject: re: Possible new category "cross"?
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/03/1998 07:06:34
On 03-Aug-98 Todd Vierling spoke unto us all:
<beginnings of a flamewar snipped>

#  I'm not randomly changing the layout.  Hell, I could go as far as to say
#  that the "gcc-lib" directory should be named "libdata", or split it up as
#  per hier(7).  It just seemed that this layout was the cleanest, most
#  organized, and least deviant from the GNU layout all at once.

I happen to agree with the use of "cross"  In both a pkg category, and a
subdirectory to /usr/pkg.  It lets people set up little shell tricks that
invoke a special "cross-compiler environment" really easily (we should even
provide these in the pkg!) and keeps a *ton* of clutter out of the other trees.

Something like this could really take off..  Imagine if we had pkgs for cross
compiling just about every native binary format around.. things like
sparc-solaris, aix-rs6000, etc etc come to mind as being highly useful.

I think we have diverged enough from FreeBSD's tree now that we can start
making our own categories.  If we can populate things enough to make a new
category, we should do so.

Tim Rightnour    -