Subject: /usr/pkg/{etc,share}; /var/db/pkg
To: Alistair Crooks <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/31/1998 14:19:20
On Fri, 31 Jul 1998, Alistair Crooks wrote:

: There are long-term plans/goals to move the /var/db/pkg directory from
: /var/db to ${PREFIX}/etc/pkg - we've been waiting for the xpkgwedge
: integration before looking any further into this. I think we all share
: your concerns.

I have a feeling there will be a long-term desire to retain the X11BASE
installation path on some systems.  Because of this, I propose that
at worst, /var/db/pkg be moved to a subdirectory under /etc, and not be held
under /usr/pkg.  If it's _really_ desired to put it under one of the pkg
directories, then use ${LOCALBASE}/etc/somethingorother.  (Note I didn't say

However, /var/db/pkg is actually not as bad as you may think.  After all,
there is /var/cron/tabs, which really would be better handled under /etc
with this reasoning.

And /usr/pkg/etc can be used in a shared-/usr environment.  As I explained
in another message, simply symlinking /usr/pkg/etc to something under /etc
alleviates that concern quite neatly.  (While I was at it, in fact, I moved
/usr/pkg/{info,man} into /usr/pkg/share and added symlinks for those too.)

-- Todd Vierling (Personal; Bus.