Subject: use of share vs lib
To: None <tech-pkg@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/31/1998 02:09:10
I'd like to bring this up now.. while the "bringin's good".

I've been compiling a ton of games lately (if you haven't noticed) and have
been placing scorfiles and datafiles in $(X11BASE)/share.  However, it occurs
to me that a few older pkgs, and some other non-game stuff is using lib.

It seems like we should standardize this behavior in some way.  I personally
vote for the use of share.
Why not lib?:

lib is a big, nasty heirarchy in the X11 tree, filled with all sorts of nasty
things.  most of which are libraries.. (which actually *belong there* unlike
the rest of it)

libraries belong in lib.. datafiles don't.

share fits the bill IMHO, most of what ends up in there is going to be MI, and
it keeps it from making a big mess in your lib tree..  It also solves the
little problem of "do files go in lib/foogame or lib/X11/foogame?"  Which isn't
a portable answer if you are using xpkgwedge.  Also.. since you've brought
xpkgwedge into the equasion.. now we pollute /usr/pkg/lib.. which wasn't
polluted all that badly before.. (there are a few things about which I'm not
happy, in there..)

I'm not suggesting we go back and "fix" everything right away..  There really
isn't that much to fix.  (IMHO the way fvwm installs is brain damaged, but
beyond that) Its something we can do over time, with upgrades of the pkgs, or I
may get bored one day and submit a bunch of changes, if this is the way we want
to do it..  Either way.. I just think we should come up with a convention and
document it.. Right now its somewhat chaotic out there...

Tim Rightnour    -