Subject: Qpopper package
To: None <tech-pkg@NetBSD.ORG, port-i386@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Poornima Kini <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/21/1998 15:47:02

	I want to bring up a POP Server on my NetBSD machine with authorization. I
recently upgraded to version 1.3.2 of NetBSD. In the NetBSD packages I
found the Qpopper package. After installing the package, the POP Server as
such works fine, i.e, it works fine through user/pass commands. But I'm not
able to get the POP Server up with authorization. 

	The qpopauth command which brings up the Qpopper with authorization, does
not seem to work, when I try to either add a user on to the qpopauth
database, or try to list the database. If i try either of these things, the
command exits out saying "Segmentation Fault (core dumped)". 

	Even when i just type "qpopauth", it says 
		"Changing POP password for ..username....
		 Segmentation Fault (core dumped)."
	and then exits out.

	I'm able to initialize the database with qpopauth -init command, but I
have no idea of the contents of the database. 

	Could anyone please tell me what is happening. Is there anyway that I can
get this working ?? It seems to me that there is something wrong with the
package itself. If so, where can i get a package for POP Server with
authorization, i.e with either APOP or AUTH commands working.

	This is a very urgent requirement for me. Any help would greatly be

	Thanks in advance !!

- Poornima