Subject: Re: Revisiting the tk80 issue
To: Markus Illenseer <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/16/1998 13:07:24
On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, Markus Illenseer wrote:

: > Nothing should go into /usr/X11R6 except xsrc stuff.
: > (Want some reasons? I know where this leads to...)

However, there are people who _want_ X-related pkgs, particularly link
libraries and their related includes, to go into the X tree.

There's a way around this:  When I update xsrc to cope internally with the
"new" /usr/pkg/... font and app-defaults paths, I will also update the imake
stuff to add two new options that will be automatically included wherever
/usr/X11R6/{lib,include} is:  "ThirdPartyInclude" and "ThirdPartyLib",
defaulting to /usr/pkg/{include,lib}.  This way, packages compiled in
/usr/pkg would still be visible to third-party, non-pkgified, source. 

xpkgwedge wouldn't "need" these include and lib definitions, but it wouldn't
hurt xpkgwedge, either.

:  I second that. Packages should go to packages. The issue might be, that
: adapting standard X stuff to /usr/pkg/ is more expensive than having a
: "mess" in /usr/X11R6/ 

Not really.  xpkgwedge does a half-decent (albeit half-assed) job at it.
I'm rewriting the design a bit now and will have a new proposal on tech-pkg
by the weekend.

:  Wouldnt it be possible for the user to set some sort of X_PACKAGES_ROOT
: similar to the standard packages-ROOT define?

Packages should either go in ${LOCALBASE} or ${X11BASE}; the last thing we
need is a _third_ install place.  :>

-- Todd Vierling (Personal; Bus.