Subject: Re: super-pkgs...
To: Herb Peyerl <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/15/1998 15:24:12
Great idea, one remark on the implementation though:

> 	make news-server

The implementation of this as I see it would rather be by using the pkg
system again: Just make a pkg (something like pkgsrc/netbsd/news-server
etc.) that has DEPENDS lines in it for the pkgs it depends on, and then
let "make install" or pkg_add slurp everything in.  Configuration can be
done with INSTALL/DEINSTALL scripts. 

I do not see any sense in making seperate targets for this.

(Esp. for when we end up with pkgsrc/netbsd/base etc/ .-)

Another solution would be (I'm thinking about some browser-like setup 
like the one that Solaris has) that you first decide what you want 
(enduser-system, developer, some server), and based on this get a list of 
all available pkgs with some already selected to install. That way you 
wouldn't even need these "super-pkgs".

> 	make news-server
> 		Would build:
> 			inn
> 		And point to a post-install document that outlines how to
> 		continue the setup. Maybe even asks who your feeders are,
> 		and so forth. Or even just points to the relevant resources
> 		on how to properly setup a news-server.

A slight bit of overkill for one pkg, but why not. :)

> 	make pc-file-server
> 		Would build:
> 			Samba
> 			NetAtalk bins (these should be in the tree)
> 			misc/amanda
> 		And ask you some simple questions like:
> 			what is your workgroup
> 			what filesystems do you want to export.
> 			what printers are on your machine?
> 			what printers do you want to export?

what your tape drive for backups is

> 	make web-server
> 		Would build:
> 			apache
> 			apache/SSL (?)
> 			lynx
> 			glimpse
> 			optionally ask if you want the frontpage extensions

			perl (for cgis)
			some www-log-pkg (analog or so)

> 	make desktop/kde
> 		Would build:
> 			kde
> 			catdoc
> 			archivers/*
> 			audio/mpg123
> 			audio/sox
> 			audio/x*
> 			comms/minicom
> 			comms/kermit
> 			comms/pilot-link
> 			emulators/linux-lib
> 			emulators/wine
> 			graphics/gimp
> 			graphics/x*
> 			mail/exmh
> 			mail/nmh
> 			mail/elm
> 			mail/metamail
> 			mail/pine
> 			mail/procmail
> 			mbone
> 			net/ircII
> 			net/ncftp2
> 			net/xarchie
> 			print/a2ps
> 			print/ghostscript5
> 			print/lyx
> 			print/gv
> 			print/transfig
> 			security/ssh
> 			shells/tcsh
> 			shells/bash2
> 			x11/justabouteverything

What does all this lot have to do w/ a desktop or kde?
I guess syou just want some pkgs for enduser and maybe developer.

 - Hubert

Hubert Feyrer <>