Subject: Re: upgrading packages?
To: None <>
From: Jim Bernard <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 07/08/1998 13:21:31
> Often, I want to *upgrade* a package -- from one version of lesstif to 
> the next, for example. Other than doing a -f in pkg_delete, which
> feels, er, messy, is there any *clean* way to tell the package system
> to let you install the new package?

  Yeah, it can be quite a pain.  If you want to preserve the dependency
information (which it useful!), you can end up with a real rats nest.  E.g.,
last weekend I wanted to install the new xfig-3.2 package, which depends on
two libraries that needed to be updated, which were (collectively) required
by 8 other packages that I had installed, and all of them had to be deleted
and rebuilt just to install the two updated libraries and xfig and get all
the dependencies right.  It ought to be possible to eliminate rebuilds of
applications when static libraries and shared libraries whose major numbers
don't change are updated, and just force an update of the appropriate
"+CONTENTS" files (the @pkgdep entries) and the addition of the appropriate
entries to the "+REQUIRED_BY" files for those libraries.  But the existing
tools don't appear to support that.

  This is all complicated even more by packages that contain both libraries
and binaries--such a package and all its dependents may have to be
rebuilt/reinstalled when another library upon which its binaries depend is
updated.  (An example is tiff-3.4, which depends on jpeg, which I had to
update for xfig--several other packages depend, in turn, on tiff.)