Subject: Re: lfs_cleanerd in /usr/libexec
To: None <>
From: Scott Barron <>
List: tech-perform
Date: 08/16/2001 22:48:29
Why I sent this to tech-perform I have no idea...  I think I'll refrain from
sending mail when I'm this tired.  Sorry!


On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 10:40:57PM -0500, Scott Barron wrote:
> Hello,
> So I've been checking out LFS and really enjoying the speed improvement I
> get when doing things such as extracting pkgsrc.tar.gz (an order of
> magnitude speed increase).  I managed to make an install where /usr would be
> mounted as an LFS filesystem but when I rebooted ... woops ... lfs_cleanerd
> needs to run to mount /usr and its in /usr/libexec.  Is there any particular
> reason I am missing that it is in /usr?  Even better, would this
> functionality ever be moved into kernel space?  Moving it out of /usr would
> allow one to make /usr LFS but I think as long as it is a separate program I
> can't have an LFS root partition (please correct me if I am wrong about
> this).  What are peoples thoughts about this?  I know it's not 100% stable
> yet.  I'm currently testing it on a couple partitions where it doesn't
> really matter if they get blown away (/usr/pkgsrc /usr/src) and its going
> great so far (1.5.1).
> Thanks,
> -Scott