Subject: athX + ierrs + routed
To: None <>
From: Frank Kardel <>
List: tech-net
Date: 09/19/2007 18:14:03

I just tripped over following effect:
Given a notebook with ath0 & fxp0.
ath0 being the internet access path
fxp0 providing NATed internet service via

When running routed on this machine (not
really necessary in that setup) routed
detects a SICK/BROKEN interface (ath0) because
the ierrs reported exceed input pakets.
So routed drops the routes to that interface
(including cloning llinfo thus disabling ARP) and
the internet link is gone.

Two questions:
   - the high ierr counts on ath0 - do they make sense
     wrt/ routed's interpretation of a 'broken' interface.

   - is it ok that routed cuts off the last somewhat working
     link to the rest if the world ?

I guess it all depends on the semantics of the counters which are
said to have ill/no defined meanings somewhere in the manial/code base.

If these semantcs are not well defined how can we allow routed to make
decisions based on the counters ?

What needs to be fixed?
	- routed - ignore errors - maybe configurable
	- ath(4) - tune down on ierrs

I also wonder whether routed really should disable the 'last' link.

Comments ?