Subject: Re: TCP socket buffers automatic sizing
To: Mindaugas R. <>
From: Steven M. Bellovin <>
List: tech-net
Date: 07/21/2007 12:46:08
On Sat, 21 Jul 2007 19:36:52 +0300
"Mindaugas R." <> wrote:

> "Steven M. Bellovin" <> wrote:
> > Same here.  When the subject was first mentioned, I cranked up my
> > buffer sizes to the largest NetBSD would permit via sysctl; I
> > noticed a very significant improvement on some of my connections.
> Did you meant sendbuf_max? Do you have some details?
I have

in sysctl.conf.  Those improved throughput significantly on large,
high-latency paths.  (I set them six months ago and no longer recall
the details.)

		--Steve Bellovin,