Subject: Re: How to fix packet destination address before RFC1122 dropping takes place?
To: None <>
From: Paulo Matias <>
List: tech-net
Date: 07/06/2007 17:18:25
> I just think it would be difficult to convince anyone that such
> a change is suitable for all.

Sure. It's the reason I asked if there was a solution that could be
done without changing the code.

So I think the best solution will be to develop a little program for
capturing the packets via bpf, modifying them, and sending them to a
TUN interface.

Unfortunately, changing the kernel code is not a good choice in my
case, because I'm developing a set of scripts for helping users of
these mobile phones under BSD and Linux, and I must make it the
simplest possible to the end-user.

Thanks, now I know the solution I thought about (using bpf) was not a
hack, but the way out for doing it under BSD solid TCP/IP stack.

Paulo Matias