Subject: Re: [SoC 2007] User-friendly wifi browser proposal
To: Gordon Stratton <>
From: pancake <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/26/2007 23:35:43
I proposed this project the past year, coz i'm not a student I was
unable to do achieve it. BTW i started to write the wistumbler3
project. There's a mailing list with few archives (that you
should probably visit to get ideas and so).

BTW I've a minimal 'user-frienldy', ncurses based wireless
stumbler using libwist (a wireless abstraction layer for different
wireless kernel APIs), it mostly works but it needs more work
and I'm not planning to work actively on it, so i'm working on
'radare' nowadays (

For more info about wistumbler:

 + mailing list

 + archives

 + git repository;a=summary


On Sun, 25 Mar 2007 14:39:17 -0700
"Gordon Stratton" <> wrote:

> > It's not clear to me what you are proposing - some frontend using NetBSD's
> > existing infrastructure? What are the deliverables?
> > Are you familiar with the interfaces in NetBSD, which ones will you
> > need/use?
> Hey Hubert,
> I tried to answer those questions in the detailed proposal, which is
> on the website I linked in my original post.  I hope that answers your
> questions, it seems to me like you may have only seen the abstract I
> attached.  I followed the guidelines you linked in your post for the
> detailed proposal.
> Thanks for reading,
> Gordon