Subject: HA on NetBSD router/firewall using agr
To: None <>
From: Miguel Mendez <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/25/2007 14:53:58

I've been reading about agr and want to setup my router/firewall with  

Currently it's a Sun Ultra60 running NetBSD 3.0 with two NICs: hme0  
and hme1. hme0 is connected to a Linksys ADSL router and hme1 to a  
Cisco 2924 and the LAN.
What I'd like to do is add a QFE card and configure two agr interfaces:

hme0 + qfe0 connected to the Linksys router.
hme1 + qfe1 connected to the Cisco (LAN)

Has anybody done this and does it work as advertised (tm) ?
Are there any issues with NAT and/or PF when using agr?

Thanks in advance.
Miguel Mendez   <>
PGP Key: 0xDC8514F1