Subject: crash in tcp_input() on 4.0_BETA2
To: None <>
From: Jeff Rizzo <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/15/2007 09:56:12
I'm not sure I have enough info to effectively send-pr, but here's the
traceback I got in a 4.0_BETA2 i386 system with 4G RAM and 2 wm(4)
interfaces, one of which has an mtu of 9000:

kernel: supervisor trap page fault, code=0
Stopped at      netbsd:memcpy+0x15:     repe movsl      (%esi),%es:(%edi)
db{0}> bt
memcpy(c53864d8,c5f0bc00,c5f1de00,14,fbc) at netbsd:memcpy+0x15
sbappendstream(c53864d8,c5f0bc00,cf305822,14,20) at
tcp_input(c5f0bc00,14,6,1,c09b9834) at netbsd:tcp_input+0x2f34
ip_input(c5f0bc00,c0100e0d,cf542f50,c051adc2,0) at netbsd:ip_input+0x657
ipintr(cf540010,c0910030,c0910010,10,cf540000) at netbsd:ipintr+0x24
DDB lost frame for netbsd:Xsoftnet+0x49, trying 0xcf542f58
Xsoftnet() at netbsd:Xsoftnet+0x49
--- interrupt ---
Bad frame pointer: 0xc09d98a0

unfortunately, this is a production system, so I can't leave it down.  I
also don't have enough swap to get a crash dump.  :(  But if there's
anything else anyone would like to know...  (I _do_ have the netbsd.gdb
available from this kernel, if it helps)