Subject: Re: D-Link DWL-G510
To: None <>
From: Andrew Ball <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/21/2007 03:37:07
Hello Brian,

  BG> BTW, I bought a DWL-G520 in early December, and I had
    > to upgrade to -current for it to work -- the blob/hal/
    > whatever in 3.1 was not recognizing it.  So if you
    > haven't already, you might want to try a -current
    > kernel just in case.

Thanks.  I managed to get it working this week by upgrading
to current and manually launching wpa_supplicant in
rc.local.  The method that I'm told is more usual (putting
wpa_supplicant=yes in rc.conf?) did not work for some

- Andy Ball