Subject: Re: Forwarding?
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/08/2007 23:56:28
>> My money would be on using proxy arp.  Create a proxy arp entry on
>> almond for tinman's IP, and set tinman's default route to point to
>> almond's end of the SLIP link, and it should all Just Work.
> I get...
>    almond# arp -s tinman 00:10:4b:a5:ba:5b pub
>    cannot intuit interface index and type for tinman
>    almond# arp -s 00:10:4b:a5:ba:5b pub
>    cannot intuit interface index and type for

Either is not on-subnet for almond's Ethernet, and the
address tinman resolves to isn't on-subnet either, or someone has
broken proxy arp in the version you have.

Your initial email shows almond has having on its
Ethernet, with no subnet mask specified and thus probably a /24, and
tinman at (not .3.129).  Tinman's address needs to be
on-subnet for almond's Ethernet for the proxy arp method to be possible
at all.  (In passing, I would recommend that almond's end of the SLIP
link use the same address that almond's Ethernet does, though this is a
comparatively minor issue.)

>>> I would like to fetch pkgsrc
>> Over a serial line? I hope you have lots of patience.  Even if
>> you're using a baudrate like 115200, that'll take a long time.
> Until recently I was fetching it over a V.34 analogue modem, so
> 115,200 BpS is a step up :-)

Heh.  Yes, I guess it is. :-)

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