Subject: Re: bpf and raw IEEE802.11 packets
To: one <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: tech-net
Date: 11/27/2006 08:42:28
one <> writes:

> I am trying to send raw IEEE802.11 packets in netbsd 4.99.3
> (current) via bpf.  Everything goes pretty nice until the last
> write() to the opened bpf descriptor.  I get Input/Optput error and
> no packet is sent. What may be wrong?  I tryed different card modes
> (monitor, hostap), tryed different link types DLT_IEEE802_11,
> DLT_IEEE802_11_RADIO. I have tested sending packets on my Ethernet
> card whith EN10MB link type and everything worked. Anybody can help?
> Is it a 4.99 (current) issue or thins are the same in 3.x? Any other
> way of sending raw layer2 packets?

I believe the problem is that the output write path isn't implemented,
or that it expects Ethernet frames.

At BBN we have implemented sending raw 802.11 frames.  Our changes are
relative to current from august.  Unfortunately they are a bit
involved, and need to be cleaned up a bit and proposed for

Our code can be found at

BBN's changes to BSD-licensed NetBSD code are intended to be licensed
under a 3-clause BSD license.  Let me know if there are any issues
with labeling.