Subject: Re: fast_ipsec code review
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: tech-net
Date: 11/15/2006 18:49:12
In article <>,
DEGROOTE Arnaud  <> wrote:
>Hi list
>First news : I have add the support of extension header in fast_ipsec  
>so fast_ipsec now can handle correctly any ipv6 packet.

This is great news! I look forward to the whole thing being committed
and dropping the kame ipsec code.

>Now, the support of ipv6 is quite complete. So it would be great if  
>some people can review the current code. I have attached a diff  
>against current, and you can retrieve all the code in the cvs / cvsweb  
>associated with the project (  
> ).

There are many KNF issues with the code as far as indentation and white-space
is concerned, but they should be easily fixable. Also at this point the
code should use ansi prototypes...

>It would be nice too if some people can test the code in more real  
>cases and report success and failure. I can provide a  
>GENERIC.FAST_IPSEC if someone needs it.
>Take cares.
>PS : Please CC me on reply

Unfortunately it will be difficult for me to test ipv6 because my provider
does not use it, but I can definitely check ipv4.