Subject: Re : Status of Ipsec6 SoC
To: None <,>
From: zul <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/28/2006 23:09:04
Thanks for the feedback Jonathan. I have tried to play your test and it 
fails for me too. I have traced the error and I noticed
that the error came from the deflate code. In fact, the problem is that 
we use a static array for storing the result of the deflate
and it can be too short. The simple workaround is to increase the value 
of ZBUF into sys/opencrypto/deflate.h ( for example, with 20,
I can run the test until at least 5000 ). The better solution is maybe 
to use  dynamic array but I'm not sure it worse the extra cost.

It is for the Ipv4 case. I will looking for the error you see in the 
ipv6 case.

Again thanks for the feedback.

Arnaud Degroote