Subject: Re: telnetd work around for Windows TELNET?
To: None <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/28/2006 18:09:58
In article <>,
	Stephen Jones <> writes:
> Forcing complete strangers to use putty (or any other telnet client)
> is out of the question.  I've been suggesting it since I was first
> informed of the problem.  It may be the case that these people do not
> have the ability to install software on the computer they are using,
> but for what ever reason it is, I want them be able to enjoy learning
> about NetBSD without having to deal with this petty issue.

I sympathize.  One of my functions at work is to instruct other
techs in remotely or locally configuring a particular embedded
system, which was originally designed to respond to a mainframe,
and not a human at all.  There's no way to make Windows telnet
do what other telnet clients do, nor what a real terminal does.
You can send control characters, but it makes such a mess of the
response, that you practically have to type blind.

My favorite solution, currently, is to use Hyperterm with a
network socket for the port.  HyperTerm doesn't have any such
issues, practically every newer Windows installation has it,
and it's easy enough to explain how to set it up on the phone.
Plus if you have only the one host, you could even have one of
your users create a settings file for it, and email that to the