Subject: Status of the Ipsec6 SoC
To: None <>
From: Alwe MainD'argent <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/25/2006 22:00:47
Hi list.

I want to give you a little overview of what I have done during this project.

So first the cool news :
   - Ipcomp now works on fast_ipsec
   - basic ipv6 traffic works on fast_ipsec ( with ah, esp, ipcomp or md5 tcp )

But there are still some caveats. The biggest caveat is that
fast_ipsec doesn't support extented header . The second is that there
are no support for ipsec_nat_t too.

So there are some improvements compared to the fast_ipsec in the tree
but it doesn't support all the stuff that Kame stack supports.

Now, it would be nice if some people can test the fast_ipsec ipv6 code
in some more real situation. I have done some tests on emuled network
but it is not the reality :). You can retrieve all the information
about how to get a fast_ipsec6 kernel on my web page .

Please give me all your feedback, positive and not :)

I will continue to work on the code, to add the extended header
support but I think it will need some big changes in the code, so I
will post some notes about it on the list before to do anything.