Subject: potential rtalloc memory leak
To: None <>
From: David Young <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/14/2006 16:46:42
It has always bugged me that rtalloc() can potentially overwrite ro->ro_rt
when ro_rt != NULL, without first RTFREE()'ing ro_rt.  Will anybody object
if I rewrite rtalloc() in this way, and check it in?  I will take the
printf out just as soon as anyone sees it, but I do want to see if the
memory leak that the old code logically implies does actually happen in
the wild.

I have in mind some other changes to rtalloc().  More on that, later.

 * Packet routing routines.
rtalloc(struct route *ro)
        if (ro->ro_rt == NULL)
        else if (ro->ro_rt->rt_ifp == NULL ||
                 (ro->ro_rt->rt_flags & RTF_UP) == 0) {
                printf("%s: freeing ro->rt_rt\n", __func__);
        } else
        ro->ro_rt = rtalloc1(&ro->ro_dst, 1);


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