Subject: Status of Ipsec6 SoC
To: None <,>
From: Alwe MainD'argent <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/26/2006 20:19:50
Hi all

As we are at the mid-term for the SoC project, I want to report to
NetBSD people the status of  my work on Ipsec6 SoC.

Currently, I have written all the code to integrate the Fast_ipsec
into the current ipv6 stack. Too, I have added some code to process
ipv6 packet in the netipsec stack and some other useful functions.

So what does it work currently ? For moment, transport mode seems to
work. I succesfully ran some encrypted on ipv6 between Kame host and
FAST_Ipsec host. Ipcomp was not tested currently. I didn't try the
tunnel mode but I think it is currently broken.

Where can you find this work ? You can browse the web page and the cvsweb

If you want to test it ( note that it is really work in progress and
strongly experimental ), you need the following things :
    - netbsd kernel source from before the timecounter merge ( source
from 06/06/06 are ok )
    - get my source running
login ( press Enter )
        cvs -z3
co -P ipsec6

After that you need to remove the netinet, the netinet6 and the
netipsec directory from your SRCDIR/sys and create symlink between
SRCDIR/sys/net{inet,inet6,ipsec} and their equivalent in ipsec6/sys.

Now you can compile a kernel with FAST_IPSEC and IPSEC_DEBUG options and hope :D

You can find all this informations and maybe more up to date
informations on the SoC webpage

Note this is just a mail to give some news about my projet, not a call
for testers.

Take cares.

PS : Please CC me on reply