Subject: wistumbler3
To: None <>
From: pancake <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/05/2006 15:47:45
Some time ago I've send a mail about the SoC proposal to achieve a wireless
stumbler for NetBSD. So, i was unable to join the SoC, but i'm getting good
advances on the new toy.

Wistumbler3 aims to run on top of libwist.

Libwist is a portable library that comes with wistumbler3 and aims for
portability and transparency over the operating system, interfaces, and

So using libwist you'll able to manage local or remote network interfaces

About network interfaces i've implemented Ethernet and Wireless support, so
i'm planning to inject the bluetooth support transparently. So the same
frontend application, could be able to scan bluetooth devices or wireless
accesspoints (for example).

By now, there'r some stuff implemented by system(), yeah, that's ugly, but
ATM I want to spend more time thinking on the API design.

The current libwist runs on GNU/Linux (libiw) and NetBSD, but i'm planning
to port't to Free and OpenBSD soon.

The same library is planning to support a remoting protocol to allow to
manage the network stuff of remote hosts (default gateway, scan aps, launch
dhcp, etc..)

BTW the same library will implement a priviledge separation to allow
authorized users to communicate to a local daemon running as UID=0.

The API looks pretty easy, and write apps on top of it is just a few minutes
of work. So i'm planning to write the GTK frontend (like wistumbler2 does)

Future... i'm also planning to implement some other stuff on libwist like
libpcap, GPS and firewall support. My idea is to get a plain api to manage an
entire network from one host.

Nowadays i'm looking for feedback and proposals, so feel free to join to the
mailing list.

About the source...I'm publishing my local repositories of wistumbler3 with GIT at

You can browse the source at:;a=summary

And fetch't by:

  $ git-clone wistubler3

And get new updates by calling:

  $ git-pull