Subject: Interrested in some project !
To: None <>
From: Adam Sczepanski <>
List: tech-net
Date: 05/07/2006 10:34:58

I hope, i'm writing on the good mailing-list to get information about
some project for google summer code !

So, i'm interrested and if i could have some more informations about 3
of NetBsd project, it would great !
Here is the 3 project :

1 -

Policy routing (top)

Implement the ability to route based on properties like QoS label,
source address, etc.

2 -

Cleanup routing code (top)

Write tests for the routing code and re-factor. Use more and
better-named variables.

PCBs and other structures are sprinkled with route caches (struct
route). Sometimes they do not get updated when they should. It's
necessary to modify rtalloc(), at least. Fix that. Note XXX in
rtalloc(); this may mark a potential memory leak!

3 -

Implement IPv6 ipflow_fastforward (top)

Write an IPv6 counterpart to ipflow_fastforward in IPv4.

I think, i'm more interrested on the 3 project !

I have some simple question, so :

Is the programming language for the 3 project in C ?
Is there some others students interrested in this project ? if yes,
could i perhaps work with them ?