Subject: Soc : FAST_IPSEC integration for ipv6
To: None <>
From: DEGROOTE Arnaud <>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/28/2006 16:29:17
Hi list.

I'm really interested in working on a NetBSD summer of code, particulary
the integration of fast_ipsec into the ipv6 stack.

I have already some questions about it. I hope you can enlight me.

It seems to have some INET6 code into the netipsec implementation. Can I
trust this code or it is completely untested ? 

The initial netipsec stack seems to share some code with the OpenBSD
implementation of ipsec. Do you think I can check the implementation of
ipsec in the current OpenBSD to have some idea how to integrate netipsec
into our ip6 stack ?

The last thread about ipsec and fast-ipsec on tech-kern speaks about some
odd problems with fast_ipsec ( some crash with ping and fast_ipsec ). Has
the problem been resolved or may I resolve it during the SoC ( if I can, of
course ) ?

I will greatly appreciate any other tips/ ideas / things to look on the
subject. Thanks for offering the opportunity to get involved, and thanks
for this great system.

Arnaud Degroote