Subject: Summer of Code: Wifi Browser / Kismet clone
To: None <>
From: oliver gould <>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/21/2006 16:45:59
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I am interested in working on a NetBSD Summer of Code project this year.
The Wifi Browser / Kismet clone piqued my interest, in particular.
However, before submitting an application, I have some questions:

 - A quick search through the archives produced a few interesting
   discussions on the Wifi Browser from last summer, however I couldn't
   find any indication that any progress was made in the way of
   implementing it.  Is this the case?

 - Considering that a Wifi Browser would provide a subset of the
   functionality that Kismet (or a Kismet-like application) provides, is
   there any specific reason why these projects are listed seperately?

 - The projects page seems to indicate that Kismet's design is flawed or
   incomplete.  Would anyone care to elaborate on the specifics of these

 - My initial thoughts on designing either these are to use Radiotap
   headers for detection, the proper ioctls for management, and curses
   for the UI.  Can anyone point me to other interfaces that may be

Thanks for offering the opportunity to get involved, and for any


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