Subject: Re: new altq API (was Re: Changing the PHY status reporting)
To: Jeff Rizzo <>
From: Dave Huang <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/19/2006 21:33:46
On Sun, Feb 19, 2006 at 07:12:10PM -0800, Jeff Rizzo wrote:
> My experience with the patches under 3.0_STABLE (applied cleanly, does
> not put packets in the expected queues - took me quite a while to figure
> out even that much) leads me to believe that effort is probably better
> spent elsewhere...

I noticed that too, but just assumed it was weirdness with the pf packet
classifier, rather than the ALTQ patch. I eventually managed to fiddle
with my pf.conf enough to get it to work well enough for my needs...