Subject: Re: Anyone working on ral(4) update?
To: None <>
From: Rui Paulo <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/17/2006 21:38:44
Ossi Herrala <> writes:

> I just got a brand new A-Link WL54PC Cardbus Wlan-adapter which is not
> recognized by NetBSD-current:
> (manufacturer 0x0, product 0x0) Ralink Technologies product 0x0302 (miscellaneous network) at cardbus0 function 0 not configured
> The site
> mentions that OpenBSD-current has support for some new chipsets. Is
> anyone doing or considering to do a update from latest OpenBSD's
> sources to NetBSD?
> OpenBSD's snapshot CD identifies the card like this:
> ral0 at cardbus0 dev 0 function 0: irq 11, address XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
> ral0: MAC/BBP RT2661B, RF RT2527
> Right now I can't test if this card really works in obsd, since I
> don't have wlan network here.

I have a ral and probably I can spend some work cycles merging the
driver from OpenBSD.

But, the best would be to convince Damien to work on NetBSD too...

  Rui Paulo			<rpaulo@{NetBSD{,-PT}.org,}>