Subject: updated sk(4) patches - final review, please?
To: None <>
From: Jeff Rizzo <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/07/2006 15:59:45
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I finally got around to finishing up the interrupt moderation timer
patches for sk(4), which I hadn't touched since early December, to
address some of the remaining criticisms.  I would greatly appreciate if
someone could review these;  I'd like to get them committed this week,
if possible.  I've also included the "jumbo frames" patch, which applies
_after_ the interrupt moderation patch, and which I'd like to commit
shortly thereafter.

Changes since the previous version of the interrupt moderation patches:

- interrupt moderation timer is per skc device, instead of global.

- changes to the timer take effect on the next interrupt after the
sysctl is changed, rather than requiring a reset of the interface.  I am
particularly keen on having someone look this part over to make sure I
didn't do something really stupid - especially the piece in
sk_sysctl_verify() where I match the device name... it seems a bit
hackish, but I could not figure another way to achieve the goal.

As far as the jumbo patches, I have not changed anything since the last
version - I've gotten a couple reports that it works for people, and one
mixed report, though I'm waiting to hear back whether the problem was
somewhere else.  (in particular, the wm(4) driver, which seems likely
given the fix that appeared for jumbo frames on wm yesterday)    I did
receive a suggestion that I incorporate this patch from OpenBSD:

=2E..but I couldn't duplicate the memory leak that it fixes, and the patc=
rendered my sk(4) interfaces inoperable.  Suggestions welcome.

The patches can be retrieved here:


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