Subject: Re: Network problems; no name lookups, no real connection?
To: Gavan Fantom <>
From: Jan Danielsson <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/02/2006 17:11:33
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Gavan Fantom wrote:
>>    I know absolutely nothing about networking, but I feel like blaming=

>> the isp for something. Anyone know what could be wrong? Any suggestion=
>> what I should try?
> You could try traceroute, which should help you identify where the
> problem is.

   Hmm... Interesting output.. I guess -- because I don't understand
much. :-)

# traceroute -n
traceroute: Warning: Multiple interfaces found; using @ bg=
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packe=
 1  33.089 ms  34.087 ms  38.247 ms
 2  125.726 ms  34.329 ms  38.105 ms
 3  48.781 ms  34.443 ms  34.163 ms
 4  84.911 ms  58.137 ms  58.731 ms
 5  *  34.324 ms *
 6  *  49.662 ms !X *
 7  * * *
 8  *

   Any conclusions I can draw from that?

> You might also want to check that the nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf
> are correct. This file is generated by dhclient based on info from your=

> ISP.

   I have checked it against the other system, that is working; the
resolve.conf files are identical (apart from the time in the header).

Kind Regards,
Jan Danielsson
Te audire non possum. Musa sapientum fixa est in aure.

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