Subject: Re: Recent ipv6 changes and gif breakage
To: None <>
From: Martijn van Buul <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/26/2006 20:36:32
It occurred to me that Rui Paulo wrote in

> Just wondering, can you show your routing entries ?

Sure. I made a unified diff with an extremely big context, so it'll list
the entire table.

--- route.working	Thu Jan 26 21:20:53 2006
+++ route.dead	Thu Jan 26 21:20:53 2006
@@ -1,60 +1,61 @@
 Routing tables
 Destination        Gateway            Flags 
 default          UG     
 s559154c5.adsl.wan      UH     
 loopback           UGR    
 localhost          UH     link#3             U        00:60:4c:e3:69:54  UH     
-      link#3             UH    link#1             U      
-     link#1             UH     
+     00:40:f4:ce:2d:75  UH     link#1             UH  link#2             U     link#2             UH     
 Destination        Gateway            Flags 
 ::/104             localhost          UGR    
 ::/96              localhost          UGR    
 ::                 tunnel3e.ipv6.stac UG     
 localhost          localhost          UH     
 ::        localhost          UGR    
 ::        localhost          UGR    
 ::        localhost          UGR    
 ::ffff:     localhost          UGR    
 tunnel00.ipv6.stac link#5             U      
-tunnel3e           link#5             UH     
 tunnel3f           link#5             UH     
 2001:610:1108:5220:: link#2             U      
 2001:610:1108:5220:: fe80::1%lo0        U      
 atlas              00:0c:f6:18:7f:0e  UH     
 atlas              link#4             UH     
 2001:610:1108:5220:8000:: link#1             U      
 2001:610:1108:5220:8000::1 00:40:f4:ce:5b:43  UH     
 2001:db8::         localhost          UGR    
 2002::             localhost          UGR    
 2002:7f00::        localhost          UGR    
 2002:e000::        localhost          UGR    
 2002:ff00::        localhost          UGR    
 fc00::             localhost          UGR    
 fe80::             localhost          UGR    
 fe80::%re0         link#1             U      
-fe80::240:f4ff:fece:2d75%re0 00:40:f4:ce:2d:75  UH     
 fe80::240:f4ff:fece:5b43%re0 00:40:f4:ce:5b:43  UH     
 fe80::%ral0        link#2             U      
 fe80::20c:f6ff:fe18:7f0e%ral0 00:0c:f6:18:7f:0e  UH     
 fe80::%rtk0        link#3             U      
 fe80::250:fcff:fef0:6058%rtk0 00:50:fc:f0:60:58  UH     
 fe80::%lo0         fe80::1%lo0        U      
 fe80::1%lo0        link#4             UH     
 fe80::%gif0        link#5             U      
 fe80::240:f4ff:fece:5b43%gif0 link#5             UH     
-ff01::             localhost          U      
+ff01:1::           link#1             U      
+ff01:2::           link#2             U      
+ff01:3::           link#3             U      
+ff01:4::           localhost          U      
+ff01:5::           link#5             U      
 ff02::%re0         link#1             U      
 ff02::%ral0        link#2             U      
 ff02::%rtk0        link#3             U      
 ff02::%lo0         localhost          U      
 ff02::%gif0        link#5             U      

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