Subject: vpnc 0.3.3 status update
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/03/2006 19:12:09
I'm currently typing this through a connection made with vpnc 0.3.3.
The mandatory vpnc-script shipped with 0.3.3 still needs some heavy 
whacking, and I've mostly written one from scratch for NetBSD.

Those that want to play, grab the package at [1] and after installation 
patch /usr/pkg/etc/vpnc-script with [2]. Then edit the latter - if you're 
on a machine with a DSL interface connected, set isp_interface to your PPP 
interface (e.g. ppp0). If you have some other machine on the LAN as 
default router, set isp_interface="" and further down set the "isp_route" 
variable to your gateway's IP instead of - sorry this is a bit 
messy right now, I'll see if I can merge this with the 'official' script 

(I was also told that Cisco have finally realized that their 'group 
passwords' stored in their old clients' PCF files were rather easily 
breakable[3], and that their new clients using "hybrid" authentication are 
120% proprietary, so no go with vpnc on them; I'd appreciate inputs from 
people using e.g. NetBSD's ipsec-tools or OpenVPN to access such a machine 

  - Hubert